Thailand legislative amendments for public limited companies

Thailand legislative amendments for public limited companies

The Thai government has recently amended the Public Limited Companies Act by allowing a greater use of electronic…

Corporate compliance requirements in Thailand

Corporate compliance requirements in Thailand

Thai law imposes compliance duties on Thai businesses. Meet all of your obligations.

Non-concurrence clause in Thailand

How to apply a non-compete clause in Thailand?

In order to protect your company from a former employee, it is useful to include a non-competition clause in the…

Confidentiality agreement in business

How to protect confidentiality in business?

Protect sensitive business information in Thailand drafting a confidentiality agreement.

Electronic signature thailand

Electronic signature in Thailand

Learn about the requirements and obligations regarding electronic signature. Take advantage of e-signature to be faster…

Thailand ads rules

Advertising rules in Thailand

Learn more about digital marketing, direct marketing, sales promotion and advertising regulations for your business in…

Directors rights and obligations

What are the rights and duties of directors in Thailand?

The fundamental introduction to the company directors’ responsibilities and obligations in Thailand.

NDA confidentiality agreement

What is an NDA (confidentiality agreement)?

An NDA helps protect your information from disclosure. Here's what you need to know before you sign.

Legal assistant thailand

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