Spa/Massage business: What is the difference between a spa and a massage business?

One of the most important things to know is that a medical massage licensee cannot operate a medical spa/massage business. However, if a business has a spa license, it may also operate a medical massage business. This is because the spa license also covers medical massage. The business must obtain the license from the Department of Public Health.

In fact, a medical spa/massage business can only provide medical massage, oil massage, sports massage, and traditional massage, depending on the licenses held by the masseuses or massage therapists. While a spa business can offer not only all the things that a medical spa business can offer, but also hydrotherapy services as well as a hammam and sauna.
Here are the licensing requirements for medical spa/massage business.

1. Medical Massage Business

Massage therapists must be licensed to provide massage. This license indicates the massage’s type that this person can provide and specifies the area that they can massage.
By this effect, the massage parlor can only offer massages according to the licenses that the masseurs or massage therapists have.

2. Health spa business

There must be a spa operator. The operator must hold a spa manager’s license issued by the Department of Public Health.
There must be a masseur or massage service provider who must be licensed to provide medical massage services. Depending on the areas or parts for which the masseur is licensed, the store may only provide massage on those parts.
The store must be in an area with a good quality water supply and proper sewage disposal. The applicant should contact the district office for that area to verify whether he or she can be licensed to open and operate a spa business.

What are the steps to open a spa/massage business?

To properly register your company, you must follow the most essential steps, as follow:

1. Determine the scope of service: In every investment, there is always a question of capital involved, even if the spa/massage business offers a variety of services;

2. Choose a location: The preferred spa/massage business’ location can be selected based on the suitability of the investment;

3. Define the style of the spa: Once the scope of service is defined, it will open as an integrated spa. You can also provide a single form of spa/massage service;

4. Prepare the staff: Service providers are considered as the spa/massage business’ core. Entrepreneurs opening a spa as a sole proprietor must have knowledge of each type of massage;

5. Study the Traditional Thai Medical Council’s regulations: Know the rules and be aware of the Health Establishment Act.

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How to create your spa/massage business?

The most important aspects to consider when setting up a spa/massage business in Thailand are:

First, a foreign investor in Thailand entering the wellness market should be aware of the employment provisions in Thailand and comply with the regulations regarding working hours and holidays of its employees.

Then, you will need to attract sufficiently trained staff, perhaps even a Thai workforce specializing in therapy and treatments, to ensure a certain quality of your services. As an investor interested in setting up a company in Thailand in the wellness sector, you will need to check out the competition and seek the help of an experienced local agent to help you register your company as quickly as possible.

In Thailand, a “spa” is defined as a business that take care off and promotes people’s health through its main services of health massage and hydrotherapy services. The spa may or may not offer additional services such as sauna treatments, exercise, nutritional therapy and diet control, yoga, meditation, and other alternative medicine treatments.

Therefore, Thai companies wishing to offer Thai spa services must comply with certain standards set by the Ministry of Public Health.

What are the standards for spa services?

Such as any business, you have standards to meet. Here are some of the most famous standards for spa/massage services.

Firstly, the business owner must have employees who meet the standards specified in the departmental announcement.

Secondly, the owner must provide services according to the principles and standards for each type of service. The main types of services must be health massages and hydrotherapy treatments such as hammams, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, and cool baths.

Thirdly, the business’ services must meet several characteristics. The owner must display the service provider’s certificate of registration in the form designated by the Department of Public Health. It must also have a service provider registration certificate in the form designated by the Department of Public Health, which must be kept in good condition for inspection for at least five years after issuance. Then, the spa/massage company may not serve alcoholic beverages. The owner must post the list of services and service charges in an open and easily visible location or in a location that is easily inspected. The owner must require the service provider’s employees to wear uniforms that are polished, well-covered, clean, and appropriate for the job and each service provider’s employee must wear a name badge on the left breast of the uniform.

What are the standards for spa/massage business safety?

In terms of safety, it is imperative to follow a few requirements. The owner must keep a first aid kit at the spa and have always it ready for use. The owner must also post signs or messages in any area where there is a risk of danger to warn customers.

What are the prerequisites for obtaining a license to operate a spa or massage parlor?

Firstly, the applicant for a license may be a natural person or a legal entity. Moreover, it can also be a person who has the power to manage on behalf of another person. The applicant must be at least twenty years of age, he must not be a person described as incompetent, and he must not have been convicted by a final judgment as a sex offender under the Penal Code or have committed an offense under the Narcotics Law.

Secondly, in the case of a spa/massage business, licensed operators are necessarily required. These operators must be at least twenty years of age, they must have obtained a certificate in health services certified by the Department of Health Services Support, and they must not be a person whose license to operate has been suspended.
The services’ provider in the health care establishment must have been registered with the Department of Health Services Support. This provider must be at least eighteen years of age and must have obtained a certificate in health services.

Finally, the institution must meet the standards prescribed by law. These standards relate to the name of the institution, the general characteristics of the institution, safety, and the provision of services.

After obtaining your license, what do you have to do?

Once you have obtained your license you have several duties:

➤ Operate the business according to its type
➤ Present the license and show proof of payment of the annual establishment fee
➤ Make a record of the history of the operator and the services’ providers
➤ Do not advertise using false statements
➤ Not selling alcohol and tobacco
➤ Have qualified employees

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