Draft employment contract

How to draft an employment agreement?

Guide to drafting employment agreement: Working hours, salary, job duties, vacation and more essential clauses.

Confidentiality agreement in business

How to protect confidentiality in business?

Protect sensitive business information in Thailand drafting a confidentiality agreement.

Terminate employee thailand

Termination of employment in Thailand

Termination of employment in Thailand can occur for any reason, as long as it is done in accordance with Thai labor…

Marriage contract thailand

How to make a marriage contract in Thailand?

Make a marriage contract or prenuptial agreement to protect your personal assets prior to getting married in Thailand.

Testament thailand will

How to make a testament in Thailand?

Make a testament in Thailand to protect your family and your personal assets in Thailand and in your home country.

NDA confidentiality agreement

What is an NDA (confidentiality agreement)?

An NDA helps protect your information from disclosure. Here's what you need to know before you sign.

Legal assistant thailand

KANJANA W. Legal Assistant

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