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Learn more about Employee Performance Evaluation

Employee performance evaluation are designed to assess both overall performance and progress toward certain goals. When properly structured, performance reviews provide an opportunity to recognize an employee’s work, see areas for improvement, and identify professional development and training needed to move forward. Thus, it is useful to use an employee performance evaluation in Thailand to assess the progress of employees within a company by gathering information about their skills, goals, and achievements. With our employee performance evaluation, you will be able to gather all the information from your Thai or foreign employee to know in which areas everything is going well and in which areas there is room to improve your team’s skills.

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What is an employment performance evaluation?

A performance evaluation form is a tool that allows you to evaluate the progress of employees within a company by collecting information about their skills, goals and achievements. With Themis Partner’s performance evaluation form in Thai and English, you can collect information on the performance of your Thai and foreign employees to get an accurate assessment of the work done by these employees. Once these evaluations are completed, it is essential to keep them for your human resources department. Indeed, these evaluations allow you to promote your deserving employees, to sanction your failing employees, to give bonuses to your employees who have reached their objectives, and who have performed well during all the years. Employee appraisal is essential in Thailand for the dynamics of your company. Indeed, it allows to establish a healthy work environment based on meritocracy and determination, motivation and involvement of employees within your company.

Why download our job performance evaluation?

With our employee performance evaluation form, you can quickly evaluate your employees by filling out our form. This form can be downloaded in word format, which allows you to remove or add items or information to our forms. The following information and ratings appear in our forms: communication, motivation, behavior, professionalism, business ability, decision making, responsibility, teamwork and creativity.

Why should employers evaluate their employees' performance?

It is common practice to evaluate the performance of your employees at least once a year. In Thailand in particular, it is essential to set up an employee evaluation system to identify your best performers. It is about creating a healthy work dynamic for your employees.

Regular feedback on employee performance allows you to compare data from previous years and highlight any downward trend before it becomes a problem. The employee also knows what criteria they will be evaluated on and will be encouraged to make efforts in those areas to achieve a positive evaluation.

Finally, employee performance evaluation is not limited to correcting bad practices; good results can also be highlighted in the interview and accompanied by praise.

How to evaluate the performance of employees?

The performance evaluation of your employees must be prepared in advance. It is not a matter of deciding a few minutes before the interview if you are satisfied. However, you don’t need to install a camera behind your employee’s desk to get an accurate picture of his or her performance. Here are some steps to follow to prepare for the evaluation interview:

➤ Have the employee prepare his or her own performance evaluation
➤ Provide the employee with a report of your evaluation prior to the interview
➤ Be sure to justify all remarks, both positive and negative
➤ Conduct the interview within 48 hours of giving the employee the written evaluation
➤ During the interview, write down all the employee's remarks; In this way, you will fulfill two objectives at the same time: to provide the employee with an evaluation and to obtain an action plan to correct any shortcomings in the coming months

What are the indicators for evaluating employee performance?

The following is a list of evaluation indicators commonly used by companies:

➤ Punctuality
➤ Attitude
➤ Working on time
➤ Team and group management
➤ Attendance
➤ Number of sales during the evaluation period
➤ Margin per item sold
➤ Quality of service provided
➤ Quality of customer service
➤ Speed of completion of tasks
➤ Number of positive customer returns

Please note that each company, depending on its specificities, must establish an evaluation plan according to the qualities and criteria it needs. Thus, our list above is not exhaustive and may not apply to your company’s activity.

How to identify poor performance in your team?

Employers should identify poor employee performance by implementing internal evaluation procedures. These procedures can take the form of interviews, annual, semi-annual, monthly evaluation forms or discussions with the employee. All these elements are also essential to keep your employees qualified within your company. Also, identifying the poor performance of your team allows you to give termination letters to your employees who do not fulfill or respect their missions. Thus, poor performance may constitute misconduct on the part of Thailand, but this alone would not be considered misconduct. Thus, it is recommended that the employer give several termination letters to the employee before proceeding with the termination for misconduct. However, we recommend that you discuss the matter with a lawyer prior to initiating any termination procedure. We remind you that we provide you with termination and layoff letters according to Thai law and written in English and Thai.

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