Penalties for non-compliance with PDPA

Penalties for non-compliance with PDPA

PDPA goes into effect in Thailand on June 1, 2022. Non-compliance may result in civil, criminal, and administrative…

Latest PDPA updates released

Latest PDPA updates released

On June 21, 2022, the Data Protection Committee published four further notices addressing PDPA updates in the Royal…

Reduced tax rates for foreign professionals in Thailand

Reduced tax rates for foreigners in Thailand

Foreigners working in Thailand benefit from a income tax rates reduction since May 2022, according to Royal Decree No.…

When using Non-immigrant O visa in Thailand?

When using Non-immigrant O visa in Thailand?

The Non-Immigrant O visa, as the name suggests, covers a variety of reasons for entering Thailand, including…

Thailand legislative amendments for public limited companies

Thailand legislative amendments for public limited companies

The Thai government has recently amended the Public Limited Companies Act by allowing a greater use of electronic…

Corporate compliance requirements in Thailand

Corporate compliance requirements in Thailand

Thai law imposes compliance duties on Thai businesses. Meet all of your obligations.

How to choose an expatriate health insurance Thailand?

How to choose an insurance for expatriate Thailand?

Thailand is a popular destination for travelers and expats. Find out how to protect your health abroad with the correct…

What visa for Digital Nomad in Thailand?

What visa for Digital Nomad in Thailand?

In order to settle in Thailand as a Digital Nomad, there are some aspects to take into account such as the visa, the…

The deadline for Covid Visa Extensions has been extended to July 25

The deadline for Covid Visa Extensions has been extended to July 25

In Thailand, the Covid Visa Extension deadline was initially set on May 24, but Thai Immigration quietly changed it to…

Thailand Pass will be scrapped from 1 July 2022

Thailand Pass will be scrapped from 1 July 2022

Thailand's Centre of COVID-19 Situation Administration authorized the abolition of Thailand Pass registration scheme…

Long term residence LTR Thailand

How to apply for LTR visa in Thailand?

Thailand offers the new long-term resident (LTR) visa which provides tax and non-tax incentives for foreigners to live…

Non-concurrence clause in Thailand

How to apply a non-compete clause in Thailand?

In order to protect your company from a former employee, it is useful to include a non-competition clause in the…

Register a copyright in Thailand

How to register a copyright in Thailand?

In order to avoid competing claims of ownership and use of work, copyright owners may apply to register a copyright.

Register a spa/massage business in Thailand

Register a Spa/Massage business in Thailand

Well being businesses in Thailand are subject to strict restrictions. Find out how to obtain your spa/massage business…

Register a bar in Thailand

How to register a bar in Thailand

Registering a bar in Thailand can be a challenge due to alcohol regulations. Learn more about licensing requirements.

Draft employment contract

How to draft an employment agreement?

Guide to drafting employment agreement: Working hours, salary, job duties, vacation and more essential clauses.

Confidentiality agreement in business

How to protect confidentiality in business?

Protect sensitive business information in Thailand drafting a confidentiality agreement.

Register data center Thailand

Register a Data Center business in Thailand

Thailand digital economy is booming. Find out how to register a Data Center company in Thailand.

Wage cuts and pandemic in thailand

Salary reduction for Covid-19

Companies have the possibility to reduce wages in specific cases and laws following the pandemic crisis.

Income tax and procedures

How to report your income tax in Thailand?

Filing personal income tax can be done online from January 1 to March 31 to get your tax refund.

International business center ibc

International Business Center and tax relief measures

IBC is a company incorporated in Thailand that provides services to its associated enterprises in overseas.

Digital economy thailand

Thailand Digital Economy: Why should you invest in?

Invest in the digital, creative and startup ecosystem in Thailand. Why should you invest in the booming digital…

Electronic business thailand

Why Thailand for smart electronic business?

Register a smart electronic business in Thailand. A growing market with government support and BOI incentives.

Food business thailand

How to start a food business in Thailand?

Create a food business in Thailand. Discover the opportunities in the food industry thanks to government benefits and…

Electronic signature thailand

Electronic signature in Thailand

Learn about the requirements and obligations regarding electronic signature. Take advantage of e-signature to be faster…

recycling business thailand

How to start a recycling business in Thailand?

How to set up a business in the waste recycling industry in Thailand? Find out about the necessary licenses before…

dissolve company thailand

How to dissolve a company in Thailand?

Discover the 6 steps to follow to dissolve your company safely and in compliance with the Civil and Commercial Code of…

foreigner buy property

Can foreigners buy property in Thailand?

Discover the solutions to buy a property in Thailand as a foreigner. Learn how to proceed and acquire your property

Start franchise thailand

Open a franchise business in Thailand

Open a franchise business in Thailand. Laws and regulations for franchising company and benefits for foreigners

Measures to help smes

Covid-19 tax relief measures

COVID-19 pandemic is putting Thai businesses under significant financial pressure. Get tax reliefs you are entitled to.

Legal mentions website thailand

How to write legal mentions of your website?

How to write your PDPA website's legal mentions? Inform users in Thailand about the details of your website's data…

Open clothing business thailand

Start a clothing business in Thailand

Register a clothing business or textile manufacturing company in Thailand under BOI scheme.

Joint venture thailand

Set up a joint venture in Thailand

Learn how to do business in Thailand through a joint venture agreement with a local Thai partner.

Register medical company thailand

How to start a medical company in Thailand?

How to set-up a medical company in Thailand? Learn more about BOI incentives and obtain licenses and permits

register logo thailand

Register a logo for your company in Thailand

Register your company logo in Thailand and internationally to protect from intellectual property infringement.

Electric cars thailand

How to set up an electric cars company in Thailand?

Starting an electric cars business in Thailand as a foreigner. Take advantage of the BOI corporate tax benefits in the…

create startup thailand

Create a startup in Thailand

Creating a startup in Thailand. How to start an innovative, high potential start-up in the internet and new…

Thailand ads rules

Advertising rules in Thailand

Learn more about digital marketing, direct marketing, sales promotion and advertising regulations for your business in…

Internet banking regulations

Internet banking regulations in Thailand

Online banking in Thailand: Compliance and regulation. Set up an online banking and payments business.

Business taxes thailand

What are business taxes in Thailand?

A guide to business taxes in Thailand for foreigners wishing to establish a business presence in the kingdom, to help…

Set up Thailand gaming business

Set up a gaming business in Thailand

Find out about gaming business licenses and BOI incentives you are entitled to.

Terminate employee thailand

Termination of employment in Thailand

Termination of employment in Thailand can occur for any reason, as long as it is done in accordance with Thai labor…

Marriage contract thailand

How to make a marriage contract in Thailand?

Make a marriage contract or prenuptial agreement to protect your personal assets prior to getting married in Thailand.

Manufacturing company thailand

How to set up a manufacturing company in Thailand?

Create a manufacturing company in Thailand as a foreigner. Obtain a factory license for your industrial activity.

Testament thailand will

How to make a testament in Thailand?

Make a testament in Thailand to protect your family and your personal assets in Thailand and in your home country.

cannabis business thailand

Cannabis Business in Thailand

How to invest in the cannabis business in Thailand? Learn about the rules to follow and the licenses to obtain.

double tax agreements in thailand

Double tax agreements in Thailand

Our guide explains double taxation for individuals and businesses who may be eligible for tax exemptions or credits.

Sell alcohol licenses thailand

Alcohol licenses in Thailand

4 easy steps to get a liquor license in Thailand and understand the restrictions for selling alcohol.

Open restaurant thailand

How to open a restaurant in Thailand?

How to open a restaurant in Thailand? Find out about the necessary steps and licenses before starting your business.

10-year thai visa

Long term visa for Thailand to attract foreigners

A new long term visa to accelerate the post-Covid19 economic recovery. How to obtain this 10-year visa?

Tax exemption boi thailand

Tax exemptions in Thailand for BOI companies

Find out what are the tax exemptions and other benefits for BOI-promoted companies in Thailand.

Directors rights and obligations

What are the rights and duties of directors in Thailand?

The fundamental introduction to the company directors’ responsibilities and obligations in Thailand.

Invest hotel thailand

How to buy a hotel in Thailand?

Buy or invest in a hotel in Thailand as a foreigner. Obtain a foreign business license (FBL) for hotel management.

TAFTA thailand australia free trade agreement

TAFTA Thailand and Australia Free Trade Agreement

You are Australian and want to do business in Thailand? You should consider obtaining the TAFTA Agreement.

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Themis Partner joins LawProfiler’s legal network

Themis partner is proud to join LawProfiler's exclusive network of talent recruiters.

NDA confidentiality agreement

What is an NDA (confidentiality agreement)?

An NDA helps protect your information from disclosure. Here's what you need to know before you sign.

Protect software thailand

How to protect a software in Thailand?

How to protect software in Thailand? Find out how copyright protects your creations.

Ecommerce business thailand

How to start an eCommerce business in Thailand?

Find out about the necessary steps and licenses before starting your e-commerce business.

Cryptocurrency tax thailand

What are cryptocurrency tax in Thailand?

What are the taxes to pay when trading cryptocurrencies in Thailand.

Thailand import export license

How to get an import/export license in Thailand?

Get an import/export license in Thailand and be informed on the customs regulations.

How register company thailand

How to register a company in Thailand?

Are you thinking of starting a business in Thailand? Discover the 7 key steps to register your company.

Thailand reopens november

Thailand reopening from November 1st 2021

Thailand's curfew will be eased and vaccinated travelers will be allowed without quarantine.

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