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A virtual office is a business service that allows business owners to operate remotely by providing a set of business functions accessible through the Internet. It also helps businesses create and maintain a desirable location without paying rent for an actual space. If you don’t need a physical office for your business, the best choice may be a virtual office address. Themis Partner can provide you with virtual office address solutions in Bangkok. You can be located anywhere in the world with all the benefits of a serviced office: a virtual office address where mail can be sent and arranged, a dedicated phone number, and an answering service or call transfer. A virtual office address can allow agile companies to expand their market to other cities at minimal cost.

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What is provided with a virtual office address?

If you are working from home-or from anywhere, a Virtual office address can be the best option. It essentially gives you everything but physical office space, though, without the costs associated with setting up your own office, it benefits from a business address and office infrastructure.

The Virtual Office Services Includes:

➤ A prestigious address to use with your business cards or website in any of the selected virtual office locations worldwide
➤ A local business telephone number answered in the name of your client and forwarded to you via home, smartphone or digital voicemail
➤ A dedicated receptionist, who manages your calls at your selected location
➤ Handling mail and courier
➤ Access to boardrooms, meeting rooms and offices worldwide
➤ Access to the coworking room, easy and secure wifi
➤ Meet, greet and interact with like-minded people and attend regular networking events

What are the benefits of a virtual office?

The concept originated from the Executive Suite and has grown due to organizations’ ability to work remotely using ever-advancing communication technology. The joys of Skype, Google Hangouts, and many other channels have allowed business owners to cut office space rentals. This flexibility has enabled young businesses to build teams outside higher profile locations, cut costs, and look prestigious.

What type of businesses use a virtual office?

The versatility and wide variety of benefits of a Virtual office address mean it helps many companies to increase their revenues, for example:

➤ Only business start-ups who do not want to use their home address and mobile number on their documents
➤ Professionals working from the offices of their employers and yet need to retain an independent brand identity
➤ Enterprises expanding to new cities or countries
➤ Businesses that know they can represent various geographies, but need to demonstrate an interest in winning business there
➤ Operators who need help from the receptionist or the administrator can not justify hiring an employee at risk, cost, and difficulty
➤ Sales teams who not required to spend most of the day in offices with prospects but need a secure and efficient space to work between meetings
➤ Foreign visitors want regular luxury offices and assistance in the most creative cities in the world
➤ Anyone who wants a corporate presence without the expenditure that they required

What to ask before registering?

Before selecting your virtual office package, we recommend you to make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for:

➤ How long are you committed, and how much?
➤ How many rooms can you make use of?
➤ How quickly do you change the instructions for answering a call?
➤ Can you understand, and access, your bill online, tax or mail that you will receive?
➤ Is there any translation services included in the virtual office package?
➤ Are you going to meet your clients in the offices, or are you afraid they'll be unimpressed?
➤ Is there staff on hand to support you when needed, or is it bare-bones operating?
➤ Do you have cafe and or the service if I have a meeting with a client?

Can I register a business using a virtual office address?

Generally, If you sign up for the package provided to a Virtual office address, you will be provided with legal documents for your company business registration upon request.

Is a virtual office security deposit required?

Depending on the Virtual office address selected, some virtual offices will not charge you deposit fees, but most of them in Thailand require a two-month deposit. Your deposit can be returned at the end of your contract if you have respected all the terms and obligations of your virtual office agreement.

How long do I have to rent a virtual office last?

With Themis Partner, a Virtual office address is a month-to-month commitment, or you can select a 12-month commitment at a discounted price. However, most of the virtual offices would accept to provide to you their services for six months or one-year minimum and would require to obtain the full payment at the signature of the contract.

How can I terminate my membership?

It hinges on the term of the contract. Generally, it will require at least one full calendar month notice with a month-to-month membership. If you send notice within a month, your cancelation will take effect on the last month.

With a fixed-term contract of 12 months, you need to give at least one full calendar month notice before the contract’s end date if your notice is less than one month before the end date, the contact will be canceled on the last day of the month after the end date.

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