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The services offered in the coworking space have many advantages. It is a work organization that combines two concepts: a shared work space and a network of collaborators that promote communication and openness. For freelancers, the main advantage of a coworking space is to get rid of the isolation caused by working from home. Businesses can find motivation and guidance in their workspace. Coworking space also offers excellent flexibility. Startups can operate on their own schedule. We have multiple coworking space partners at unbeatable prices, and with all the equipment required. Themis Partner coworking spaces are located downtown, mainly in Bangkok, close to public transportation and BTS.

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What is a coworking space?

Coworking is a new form of work organization that allows you to be independent while leaving aside the disadvantages of working from home. The principle of a coworking space is simple: we bring everyone together in ample shared space and let the magic happen. Beyond the obvious savings that such an organization allows (rent and shared miscellaneous costs), it is above all an opportunity for meetings sometimes decisive in a career. Coworking is the best way to develop your professional network and foster the synergies that often lead to collaborations.

Who can benefit from the coworking space?

Coworking spaces are suitable for all professional categories and all sectors, although often focused on the digital or NICT professions. They are particularly ideal for independent consultants and large groups who wish to get closer to startups… For economic reasons, comfort, but also strategic.

How does coworking space work?

Most coworking spaces operate on a subscription basis. Different packages are offered to users to best suit their needs. Our partners for hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly packages, with particularly attractive rates for regular coworkers, but the coworking space selected by Themis Partner always keeps a few vacant places for occasional users.

Each space has its own rules. Beyond two or three basic recommendations (respect your neighbors and the equipment, no cigarettes inside, etc.), the user must, most of the time, bring their computer. That said, only one rule prevails in coworking space: conviviality. Be gentle and open-minded; you’re not there to sulk in your corner! With coworking, sharing is king.

How to choose your coworking space?

To guide you in your choice, here are five criteria to keep in mind:

1. Accessibility

To simplify the lives of the most remote professionals, many coworking spaces have been set up around the BTS and public transport. Others have settled in rural areas and welcome freelancers, micro-entrepreneurs as well as salaried teleworkers. Also, pay attention to the opening hours. Depending on your needs, weekend or evening access will be useful. It’s not necessarily possible everywhere.

2. Specialization by profession

Great haunt of web developers or other supergeeks, coworking has been able to open up to a wide range of occupations. Many are now generalists. Others specialize in sectors such as the social and solidarity economy (coaching and recruiting), marketing, information, and communication. Specialized or not, most of these spaces do not advocate inter-self. They generally accept coworkers who go beyond their standards to diversify their community.

3. Services

Shared cuisine, concierge, festive events: few coworking is confined to the rental of tables and chairs. “The provision of a personal locker to safely store personal belongings or a” phone box “where you can make your phone calls in complete confidentiality is one of the services appreciated. In Bangkok, many coworking spaces are now welcome still a majority of customers offer support in the form of training workshops and actions to develop the network of its tenants. If conferences and professional meetings are on the program in many places, others rely on services more fun.

4. The community

Networking is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for coworking. In notable brands, you will rub shoulders with a multitude of professionals. Convenient for making contacts or considering new business. The added value of these spaces is based on interaction.

5. Prices

For sedentary coworkers, the more advantageous monthly formulas are spreading. “The prices vary between open office space. The prices vary according to the cities, and their transferability. For this purpose, Bangkok regroups the most valuable free space.

What services are offered in a coworking space?

Desktop: What coworkers look for above all in the coworking space, you have created a place where they can work. It is, therefore, essential to put a work station at their disposal before anything else. Depending on your coworking layout, you can offer closed offices or open offices in open space. The closed offices will correspond to professions held by professional secrecy such as lawyers. Simultaneously, the public spaces will be entirely suitable for freelancers, freelancers or small businesses are looking for significant synergy effects.

Whatever the type of office offered, two formulas exist for renting workstations: a reserved and exclusive workstation without limit during opening hours. The coworker pays the same rate each month regardless of the time spent in coworking. On the contrary, the nomadic package allows coworkers to pay only for the coworking space time. Therefore, they do not have a reserved workstation but settle where they wish within the limit of available places. They then pay by the hour or by the day.

To set up these workstations, the coworking manager must provide coworkers with desks, chairs, lamps, electrical outlets, or storage spaces to leave their personal belongings in a secure place when they are away.

Office and telecommunication tools: For coworkers to work in the best possible conditions, coworking must also provide them with a certain number of office and communication tools. The coworker’s number 1 work tool is the internet connection. The coworking manager must ensure that he can offer a quality wifi connection regardless of the number of coworkers present in the space. Coworking can also offer coworkers a printing and photocopying service. The latter will have a high cost in the operating expenses of coworking. Consequently, to amortize this cost, this service is offered either for a fee or free of charge, but with a value that is mostly reflected in the price of the monthly plan.

Finally, access to telephone lines can also be a significant asset. These can be common to all users. In this case, they will often be in a soundproof room and will mainly allow you to make calls. However, they can also be private and dedicated to a single user. Some occupations that use the phone extensively or need to be reached on a different line from their cell phone may need this type of service.

Services meeting specific needs for coworkers’ activities: Another way to distinguish yourself from competing for coworking and to satisfy coworkers are to provide them with several premium services linked to their businesses and to which they will have access to self-service. For example, a 3D printer or laser cutters will attract several engineers, during a photo the studio will appeal to image specialists. These offers can be included in the monthly package or offered as a supplement.

Meeting rooms: Whether independent coworkers to receive their clients or companies to meet during meetings or brainstorming, all will need at one time or another a meeting room away from the open space. Furnished with large tables, chairs, video conferencing equipment, and flipchart, it is essential in any coworking.

A domiciliation service: Offering a business domiciliation service can also appeal to a large number of coworkers. This service consists of providing a professional address to coworkers by allowing them to set up their business at the address of coworking. Thanks to this, they will gain significant credibility. Their customers and prospects and will no longer be disturbed. If you want to know more about the measures to be put in place to be able to offer a business domiciliation service, see our article dedicated to this subject.

Marketing and accounting services: To allow coworkers to devote themselves entirely to their activity without worrying about their accounting or marketing strategy, you can offer them to take care of it for them at preferential rates. This then implies for you to set up a partnership with an accounting firm or a communication agency.

Are coworking spaces’ wifi fast and secure?

Themis Partner has selected virtual offices that have invested a great deal in speed and safety. Customers have easy and efficient Wi-Fi to an industry-leading ISP and host separation, using fiber optic cabling. there are two options:

Free Wi-Fi: works better and faster than the industry standard and is shared password protected.

Office Secure Wi-Fi: is secured with your unique login & password, is lightning fast, and features the highest industry standard AES encryption technology for a highly secured internet experience. You can have protection, peace of mind for a small monthly fee, and have quicker speeds.

What is the cost of a coworking space?

From an internal point of view, coworking spaces derive their income from rental and the sale of additional services or food and drinks (when they are not included in the basic packages). Our studies show that these spaces become profitable on average after two years and that “members of a coworking space benefit more quickly by joining the area than operators do with the opening of this same space”.

Where can you find coworking spaces in Thailand?

1. Bangkok

Bangkok has a cheap cost of living compared to Singapore and Hong Kong, but similar promising opportunities make it the ideal place to start a business in Asia. Transportation is also affordable despite the traffic or takes advantage of Bangkok’s very practical BTS Skytrain and MRT, which covers the city center very well.

If you’re working freelance online, working with a team on a project, or looking for a place to develop a project, these coworking spaces in Bangkok might be your answer. Fortunately, there are excellent coworking spaces in Bangkok that will allow you to explore various areas of the city and meet new people.

2. Phuket

Many types of entrepreneurs settle in Phuket to develop their business. More and more freelancers, marketers, and especially technology startups come to Phuket to fulfill the dream of working in a dynamic and heavenly environment. This is reflected in the growing coworking community of Phuket.

Phuket has excellent infrastructure and healthcare due to its relative stability of first-rate hospitals, clinics, and dental facilities that expatriates prefer in quality and cost over those in their home country.

3. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has long been a home for e-commerce entrepreneurs in Asia. Cool temperatures, low prices, and an eclectic mix of cultures make this northern Thai city one of the best places for those working remotely.

With super low living costs and incredible creative culture, it’s no wonder that Chiang Mai has become a bootstrapping entrepreneur’s paradise. Tim Ferriss’ web developers, SEO consultants, content creators, travel bloggers, podcasters, drop shippers, e-marketers, and former and current Internet marketing followers are among the enthusiastic and talented people in the best coworking spaces in the region.

Even if you are just starting your entrepreneurial journey, you will find many like-minded people committed to living and working in their location-independent conditions.

4. Pattaya

Located on the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya is the cheapest, most beachy, and most manageable edition in Bangkok. Pattaya has an excellent infrastructure with simple and inexpensive transport, including metered taxis, songthaews, and air-conditioned buses.

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