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The office space can be defined as the nerve center of the professional’s decision making in the course of his activities. An office space is therefore generally a furnished room that is not used for production, traffic and even less for the sale of goods. Before looking for a place to establish your business, it is essential to define your needs while taking into account the resources and budget of your business. Whether it’s an office, retail, production or storage space, the choice of real estate will determine whether or not you can expand your business. Themis Partner has partners who rent commercial space at very attractive prices and are located close to public transportation. Our partners are located in the main cities of Thailand.

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What type of office should you rent?

Everything will depend in practice on the nature of the activity carried out by the professional. Indeed, like homes, office space premises are also available in different surfaces: 50, 100, 500, 1000m², etc.

It is up to the professional to determine which surface category suits him according to his activities. It should be noted, however, that generally individual offices are much more expensive than the other classes. This is true when it comes to premises of small and medium-sized areas, the most sought after on the market, especially in large cities. To get around this economic reality, the ideal is to rent a space located in a business center.

In  these “business hubs,” in most cases, the landlords turn out to be, in fact, tenants themselves. These are often large-scale companies specializing in the management of business centers. To this end, they, therefore, sublet the premises. And since renting is generally less expensive than a prime rental, the professional will find its way economically.

Apart from the “business hub,” another solution exists: apply to obtain premises in a business incubator. Given the objective of this type of organization (helping to start up growing businesses), rents are generally more affordable.

How to choose the right office space?

For start-ups (or those in the process of being), renting space in a business incubator or incubator can be smart. Why? Because these office spaces, generally rented for a relatively modest sum (between 200 and 500 euros on average, depending on the city and the area) can be a meeting place for young creators. You can create a handy network there for the continuation of its activities. Besides, the entrepreneur benefits from personalized advice and has services such as a secretariat, a switchboard, Internet access often included in the rental price.

For example, a business incubator offers rental office space for up to five years. In nurseries, entrepreneurs generally hold a fixed-term contract or interns benefiting from a salary based on activity. Office spaces are offered to them for one year (renewable once) as part of a business project support contract (Cape). Depending on the activity and the workforce of a business, you can find a property that suits your needs:

➤ If you want to work outside your home, you can look for an individual office or settle in a coworking space.
➤ If you are a service SME, you can direct your choice to offices in a strategic geographic location. For example, near your customers, or in the city center to provide a pleasant working environment for your employees.
➤ If you are a business, you can consult the offers of commercial premises. These are premises suitable for this type of activity. If you want to build commercial premises for your company, do not hesitate to consult the land offers.
➤ If your sector of activity does not concern service or trade, but is more oriented towards operations, you can find out about an event or industrial premises.
➤ It is possible to rent or buy commercial premises, business premises, offices, or even land to start setting up your business. However, it is imperative to plan the area you will need to accommodate your business and meet your development needs.

What is the ideal location for your office?

This is the first criterion for entrepreneurs: accessibility. Before investing or renting an office space, it is often necessary to consider the comfort of your employees in terms of transport. Whether it is public or public transport, your office space must remain readily accessible. Do not hesitate to establish a diagnosis of all the places where your employees live to determine which site would be the most pleasant for everyone. You can, of course, think about having premises with private parking or near parking places, but the idea remains that everyone is accessible regardless of their mode of transport. Do not hesitate to check that your premises will be available to people with reduced mobility. Elevators, corridors, doors, toilets, the workstation must be adapted. Take into account stores near your business, especially if you don’t have a cafeteria, kitchen, or integrated catering service. Moving far to find something to eat or the lack of a place to meet with your teams to share a peaceful moment or celebrate your victories could quickly affect team morale and productivity. Many office space rental possibilities are available to professionals. Thus, they can rent:

➤ An individual office
➤ An office in a business center
➤ An office in a business incubator
➤ A mixed housing for office and residential use

1. Requirements of your clients

You must determine what your market is and whether proximity to locations is essential to them. If your clientele is mainly local, does the population consist of a enough percentage of potential clients? Is the region’s economy stable? Does the location have any attractive features that could add value to your workplace that your customers and employees would find helpful to have nearby (e.g., restaurants, schools, daycares, recreation, transportation, cost? attractive accommodation, etc.)? Also, find out if zoning orders or restrictions could affect your business in any way. Check the specific location you’re looking for and the properties nearby (you probably don’t want a liquor store near your childcare center).

2. Good neighborhood

Observe nearby businesses and see if the traffic they attract could benefit you. After all, their customers and employees may be your future customers. Do not be afraid to establish yourself near complementary businesses to yours. It is sometimes more advantageous to create yourself near similar businesses rather than surrounding yourself with empty premises or companies that have absolutely nothing to do with each other (take the example of restaurants in a shopping center that are all grouped, but which are not in the direct competition since each offers a different menu).

3. The extras

Rent is the main expense in the rate you will have to pay for your premises, but sometimes there are some hidden costs (extras!) Added to this amount and disturbed your budget. These may be charges related to taxes (other than GST / QST), utilities, housekeeping costs, etc., and which may not be included in your lease. If these fees are not included, ask the utility company to provide you with a summary of usage from the previous year and billing for your space.

If you have to provide your concierge service, how much will it cost? What are the insurance rates for the region? Do you have to pay extra for parking? Consider all of the tracking expenses before making your office space decision.

4. The building infrastructure

Some older buildings lack the necessary infrastructure to meet the high tech needs of current operations. Make sure the building has air conditioning and adequate telecommunications service to meet your current and future needs. Sometimes it is better to hire an independent engineer to check everything so that you have a fair and objective assessment.

5. Parking and accessibility

Assess the facilities’ accessibility for all users who will be going there (customers, employees, suppliers). If your office space is located on a busy street, will it be relatively easy to get in and out of your parking lot? Is there enough parking for your customers and employees? As with foot traffic, take the time to monitor the property at different times of the day and on different days to see how parking demand varies. Also, make sure the parking lot is well maintained and adequately lit.

Is the establishment suitable for people with reduced mobility? In terms of deliveries from your suppliers, consider that small packages need to quickly get in and out. That trucking companies need adequate routes and loading docks to unload their materials on pallets.

If you are inside an office building, are there times when the exterior doors are locked and, if so, can you have the keys? Do the heating and air conditioning systems also work in the evenings and weekends? Are there night surveillance cameras and security?

6. The site history

Ask about previous tenants. If you open a restaurant where five restaurants have failed, you can start with a considerable handicap, either because there is something wrong with the location or because the public will take it for granted that your business will go in the same direction as previous tenants. If more than one type of marketing has established itself there before and has failed, do some research to validate whether the problem was with the business itself or the location.

Or, if the previous tenants have been successful, this indeed suggests that the location is good to settle there, but still, qualify this information by comparing the areas of these businesses with yours.

How much to rent an office in Thailand?

The price represents an important selection criterion. In Thailand, the offices’ cost varies according to their location close to public transport and the city is chosen. For example, an office space near the Bangkok BTS station may be two to three times more expensive than an office space around or outside Bangkok. No need to look for premises that would be in an area far too expensive for you. Choosing the cheapest can be harmful to attract talent or does not always provide an optimal quality of life for your employees and can have an influence on their motivation. The price can also be impacted by various aids, especially in areas where the State wishes to develop activities. Do not hesitate to consult the multiple sites in this sense. Do not forget to include the amount of local taxes when calculating.

How to choose the right office space size?

The surface also represents priority data. It is considered ideal to have an area of ​​between 10 and 15m² per employee. This surface depends a lot on your interior design since you can opt for closed offices or in open space. If we generally project on the desk surface, the storage is to be associated with your choice. Do not forget to check safety standards, especially fire safety, when you visualize yourself in your premises. You can hire an expert if you want to check your offices’ organization according to the space available. Your office space surface must anticipate your teams’ evolution because if today the surface may seem adequate, you can quickly find yourself cramped if your activity grows.

How to arrange your office space?

You can opt for new or old according to your preferences and especially according to the image you want to offer to both your customers and your teams. Still, this choice must also correspond to the age of your teams to create an appropriate atmosphere. Both internally and externally, not only to your activity but to the atmosphere that is one of the essentials. Whether you opt for a contemporary or older style, it is for you to associate your company’s culture with the fashion of office chosen without copying what large groups or the pioneers of the web do but adapting it to your needs and your teams.

What questions to ask before renting?

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