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Our network of lawyers includes a large number of specialists with expertise in both the public and private sectors. The Thai lawyers we work with provide the most timely legal advice for the benefit of their clients. Especially in Thailand, lawyers have to deal with a large number of cases. Thai lawyers may advise their clients or even be called upon to defend them in court. Our network includes some of the best practicing lawyers with long term experience. Thanks to our wide network, we can guarantee you a connection with experts in all legal fields, allowing you to benefit from the best possible rates. The fees of the lawyers we recommend are calculated according to the actual services provided to you. Only the costs actually incurred in responding to client requests are charged.

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Why choose our partner lawyers?

Finding a lawyer in Thailand is not necessarily easy. Looking for a lawyer can even become a real headache. The language is certainly an obstacle, but it is essential to understand the different roles of a lawyer in Southeast Asia. These roles can indeed be very different from those entrusted to Western lawyers. The responsibilities and qualifications are not necessarily the same in Asia. Moreover, the laws and procedures specifically in Thailand can be very different from those applicable abroad. Themis Partner can put you in touch with a network of highly reputable lawyers with expertise in a wide range of fields, from the simplest to the most complex.

Selection of lawyers by legal field

Our network of lawyers is made up of Thai attorneys with strong knowledge in many different areas. Depending on the area you need, we can put you in touch with the right lawyer, whether it be in family law, business law, real estate law, intellectual property law, labor law or litigation. Indeed, it is necessary to choose the lawyer who is an expert in the field that concerns you.

15 years of expertise in Thai law

The lawyers in our network have 15 years of experience in Thai law. They are renowned for their wide range of expertise in both public and private law. Their university education, their professionalism, their knowledge and the expertise they have developed in a large number of areas, including litigation, are a real guarantee of quality of legal services delivered.

Certified diplomas and licenses of lawyers

All the lawyers we recommend have the required university degrees or licenses to practice law. They are also members of recognized professional organizations such as the Thai Bar Association, the International Bar Association or the State Bar of California.

Client follow-up by our teams

Our lawyers teams are committed to ensuring the success of our clients by providing prompt responses to their legal questions and concerns. Our client-facing attorneys provide our clients with top-notch, personalized legal advice in highly specialized areas. Our network of lawyers brings together experts with extensive experience in handling difficult settlements and legal proceedings. Our different teams follow all the procedural steps related to the requests of the different clients. There is a real follow-up of the files and a complete assistance is offered to them.

What are the different types of lawyers?

If you have a legal problem to solve, you have probably realized that there are many different areas of law. And as a result, there are a lot of lawyers who specialize in different areas. The field of law is a field that can be broken down into a large number of areas. In principle, lawyers specialize in specific areas and if you are looking for an answer to a question, it is necessary to identify the required area in order to find the lawyer who will meet your expectations. Whatever your legal problem, a lawyer will be there to answer your question precisely.

Corporate Lawyer

Corporate law is a very broad and complex field and if you own a corporation, you will need to consult a corporate lawyer. An expert lawyer in company law will be able to advise you judiciously as well to constitute the company itself, to register it, to help you to optimize the choices relating to the direction of this last one and will also provide you with councils so as to be able to ensure you an optimization in tax matter. Thailand by its strategic location in Southeast Asia is a privileged place to do business. This strategic position allows investors to fully realize their projects by establishing their company in areas benefiting from advantages that will allow them to take advantage of the area’s booming economic growth, the Kingdom’s abundant natural resources and the development of the domestic market.

Immigration Lawyer

An immigration lawyer is a valuable asset in resolving issues regarding different types of visas to stay in Thailand, citizenship issues, refugee or asylum seeker status. An immigration lawyer can also guide you through the process of obtaining a work permit if you wish to work in Thailand.

Labor Lawyer

Labor law governs the relationship between employers and their employees, whether it is an individual or collective labor relationship. If you are running a company, you will need a good labor lawyer to advise you on legal issues relating to employment contracts or possibly to help you resolve a labor dispute. Specifically in Thailand, the labor law affects both Thai and foreign employees. Employers should be familiar with the general rules and framework of these labor regulations. The labor law in Thailand reflects the different components of Thai culture and its complex hierarchical system. As the country develops, more and more protections and guarantees are given to employees. A good labor lawyer will be able to help you without any doubt.

Tax Lawyer

The use of a tax lawyer will be of the greatest help to you. It is very difficult to know all the intricacies of the tax laws in Thailand. Nobody wants to have problems with the Thai tax authorities. We will be able to put you in touch with lawyers who will be able to meet your needs because they have the experience, as well as the technical skills. In Thailand, there are several types of taxation: corporate tax, income tax, value added tax and also withholding tax. You can be advised to choose the best tax strategy.

Intellectual property lawyer

An intellectual property lawyer can advise you on patents, copyrights, industrial designs or trademarks. In Thailand, the agency responsible for the registration and protection of intellectual property is the Commercial Department of the Ministry of Commerce. Thailand has also signed the ASEAN Framework Agreement on Intellectual Property Cooperation. A number of international agreements have also been signed in this area.

Family Lawyer

You may need to hire a family lawyer if you have questions about marriage. It is not uncommon for foreign nationals to marry Thai nationals. Family lawyers handle civil unions, marriages, legal separations, divorces (contentious or not), child custody or adoptions. In Thailand, the legislation as regards family law is very rich and is inspired much by the French model. A specialized lawyer will make sure that your marriage is in conformity with the Thai law and that it is also recognized abroad in the case of foreign nationals. Even if the services of a lawyer are not mandatory in the case of a marriage, it is strongly recommended to use a lawyer to protect your interests. Indeed, if the relationship between the spouses deteriorates, costly expenses may arise.

Lawyer in contract law

In contractual matters, it may be appropriate to consult a contract lawyer. You will be able to benefit from a reliable expertise by finding answers to all your expectations. In principle, contract law is governed by the provisions of the Thai Civil and Commercial Code. The legal system is quite similar to that of France. There is a wide variety of contracts. A large number are concluded between Thai nationals and foreigners. This is often the case for contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate, for example. So, if you want to buy a property in Thailand in most cases, the seller will provide a sales contract or a purchase and sale agreement once the first deposit is made. The contract can be written in English or Thai, but usually the Thai language will be the one that will be binding. It is necessary to read the contract carefully before signing. Sometimes documents will be necessary with translation in both languages. It is strongly advised to call upon a lawyer specialized in contracts who will be able to reread the clauses of the contract and modify them in case of imbalance between the contracting parties.

Civil Lawyer

Civil law is the law applicable by default to all persons. It is the common law. A civil lawyer will be of great help if you want to sue someone or simply defend yourself in civil matters. It is important to know that in civil matters, it is the compensation of the victim that is paramount. This is very different from criminal law, where the aim is to impose a penalty on a person guilty of an offence. Some lawyers specialize in different types of litigation. If you have a commercial dispute, you will need to contact a lawyer who specializes in corporate litigation to help you resolve your difficulties.

Criminal Lawyer

If you are facing criminal charges in Thailand, you may face life-changing consequences. Even if the charges against you are unjustified, your defense will need to be prepared rigorously, without fail. It is necessary to hire an excellent criminal lawyer, otherwise you will not be able to defend yourself. A lot of paperwork and court documents must be completed. Testimonies must be provided and the judgments of the tribunals and courts are extremely complex. A simple mistake can have serious consequences. The Thai legal system gives you the right to counsel, regardless of the charges you are facing. If you hire a reputable criminal lawyer, you can win your case.

Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is an attorney who steps in to seek the best possible compensation for the victim in the event of an injury. For example, if you have been the victim of a traffic accident, you will need to involve such a personal injury lawyer to obtain compensation for the injury you have suffered. This lawyer will assist and defend you in seeking the best possible compensation for the personal injury you suffered in an accident. The personal injury lawyer only defends the compensation of a road accident or life accident: assault, medical accident, sports accident…The relationship between the evaluation of the injury and the compensation must always be optimal.

Lawyer in case of bankruptcy or debt

In case of financial difficulties, you will need to consult a lawyer specialized in bankruptcy proceedings or in proceedings that allow for the settlement of debts that you have with your debtors. There are a number of collective proceedings in Thailand that can only be initiated by a creditor against an insolvent debtor with a claim of more than 2 million baht in the case of a company, or more than 1 million baht in the case of an individual. Thai law also provides for judicial liquidation in the event of a debt exceeding 2 million baht for a corporation and one million baht for an individual. The insolvent debtor can also use the recovery procedure. All these procedures are very complex and you will need a competent lawyer to help you in this field.

Estate Planning Lawyer

If you need to draw up a will to pass on your estate, you should contact an estate planning lawyer. This type of lawyer is also competent to create a trust for the benefit of your children. More specifically in Thailand, the successions with a will are less restrictive than in France and a greater freedom is left as regards the drafting of the will. In principle, it is necessary to make sure that the will scrupulously respects the Thai law in force for successions and includes all the compulsory mentions required. It is also important to know that inheritance taxes are relatively low in Thailand. A lawyer specialized in inheritance matters will be very helpful in providing you with all the advice you need.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer

In the event of a medical accident, you may need a good medical malpractice lawyer. This is because sometimes you may be the victim of a misdiagnosis by a professional or you may be subjected to incorrect medical treatment. You will need to seek compensation for your injury, and if you hire an expert medical malpractice attorney, you will have a better chance of winning your case.

Social Security Lawyer

Thailand has a social security system. There are several structures: a specific fund for health insurance (illness, handicap, birth, death), a pension fund (children and retirement) and an unemployment insurance in case of loss of job. Every employer is required to subscribe to the social security system for all employees between the ages of 15 and 60. The process of registering with the social security system can be quite complex. You will need a real specialist to guide you through the various steps of the process. A social security attorney will help you with any eligibility issues and can take legal action if you face a decision denying or reducing your benefits.

Generalist Lawyer

While most lawyers specialize in a particular area, some lawyers choose to maintain a broader practice area. These are lawyers who may be able to answer a wider range of legal questions. Generalist lawyers have expertise in areas in which they are generally more comfortable. They do not specialize and can practice any legal matter. In principle, because of the variety of their missions, because of their experience, they often have areas of predilection. After several years of practice, they refine their skills. In this case, one must refer to the notoriety of the lawyer, which generally provides an excellent indicator of competence. For any subject outside his field of competence, the generalist lawyer will have to refer you to a more specialized colleague.

How to choose the right lawyer?

Finding the right lawyer for your needs may seem like a daunting process, but as with any other consumer transaction, it is essential to do your research. Free choice of lawyer is a fundamental principle, so analyze a range of elements beforehand to make your choice. Before looking for a lawyer, it is first necessary to clearly define your needs. The latter will not be the same depending on whether you are the director of a multinational company or if, as a company lawyer, you are looking for very specific external advice. Defining your needs also means defining the budget you can devote to hiring the services of a lawyer.

Many people, at one time or another in their lives, require the services of a lawyer in various situations. Whether dealing with a real estate transaction, incorporating a company or dealing with a family law issue, there are many situations where the experience and expertise of a good lawyer will be indispensable. The tasks of a lawyer are multiple and extremely varied, which often leads him or her to have several areas of predilection.

If you are looking for a lawyer to help you solve a problem, you are probably wondering how to find such a lawyer, and especially how to find the one that suits you. The choice of a lawyer is indeed crucial depending on the issues you have to deal with.

The lawyer offers a service and you are the potential consumer of that service. You must therefore necessarily evaluate the services offered to you in the same way as if you were buying another product.

The first step in the process of selecting the right lawyer is the research phase. Ideally, you will first look for names of lawyers, and just as with other services, personal references are often the first thing you should consult. You can start compiling lists by asking friends, neighbors or associates for recommendations.

State bars are also wise resources for finding lawyers who practice in the area in which you need help. There are also online resources that can also help you find the person you are looking for. One of the significant advantages of online resources is that you can look at consumer reviews. This means that you have access to people’s reviews of the lawyers you choose. It is important not to choose your lawyer lightly. Even though many of them may be competent to guide you, it is crucial to choose the right person.

Five criteria in choosing a lawyer are fundamental:

➤ The nature of the case to be reviewed
➤ The location of the law firm
➤ The first contact with your future lawyer
➤ The fees charged
➤ The reputation of the lawyer

The choice of the lawyer depends first of all on the nature of your case. Indeed, you must determine whether you need legal advice or accompaniment in court. This is fundamental. Some lawyers specialize in advice, while other lawyers intervene in litigation or in court. You should also consider whether the case requires the intervention of a specialist or not. It is good to remember that there are indeed generalist lawyers and specialist lawyers.

For example, if you are looking for a lawyer for a divorce procedure or for a case related to real estate law, a generalist lawyer can largely do the job. The generalist lawyer often accompanies his clients throughout their lives for advice.

However, if your area is very specific or complex, you will need to choose a specialized lawyer, as he or she will be familiar with the subject matter and procedures.

How to evaluate the competence of a lawyer?

Once you have gathered a list of potential lawyers, you can begin the evaluation process. Most attorneys typically offer a free initial consultation, and as an informed consumer, you should definitely take advantage of this. You should prepare a list of questions and take notes during the consultation. Then you can compare later with the lawyers on your list. The important questions are as follows:

All lawyers have a 4 or 5 year university degree, but nevertheless this initial training does not always correspond to their professional activity. The profession recognizes titles of specialization. These specialization titles can only be claimed by lawyers who have at least four years of experience and who have passed a professional examination before the bar. This is in fact a real guarantee of quality. Since there are many areas of practice in the legal field, you need to make sure that the lawyer you hire has solid experience in the area in which you need help.

Attorney's fees

Legal advice can be very expensive and it is important that you know how much your lawyer will charge you. At the first consultation, a lawyer should be able to give you an estimate based on the nature of your case, and the possible solutions.

You should be aware that lawyers’ fees are completely free and can vary from 1 to 10. These fees do not necessarily reflect the skills of the person you are looking for. For example, a media lawyer will charge for his notoriety and not necessarily for his ability to resolve your case judiciously.

In principle, most lawyers post an hourly rate which they then vary according to the litigation, the reputation of the firm and the complexity of the case. Hourly rates have the advantage of transparency, but you must be able to ask the lawyer to justify the number of hours spent on your case. But hourly rates can also make it difficult to estimate the amount of litigation.

The other possibility is the fixed price which is a rather practical solution because it avoids bad surprises. You must negotiate with your lawyer at the time of the delivery of your file. You are advised to ask for an estimate at the first meeting. It is also possible to conclude a fee agreement and in this case the lawyer can be paid by a percentage.

Communication and responsiveness

How does the lawyer communicate with his clients? If you have questions, how can you get in touch with him/her? What is the response time? Lawyers generally handle a large number of cases, but for you, of course, your case is a priority and you need to be sure that the lawyer you hire will be efficient in responding to your request.

In principle, a lawyer should be available, but how much availability should you expect from him or her? Not all clients have the same need for availability and not all lawyers have to provide the same level of availability. Generally, some clients call their lawyer very frequently to inquire about the status of their case. Other clients simply send an e-mail to their lawyer who will inform them when an event occurs in their case. You must be careful because if you call your lawyer often, he will count the time spent answering you and the fees will certainly be substantial.

The reactivity of your lawyer is also a very important criterion, because he must answer your expectations and your questions as quickly as possible.

The legal team

Some lawyers work alone, while others have paralegals on their team or outsource some of the legal work to other lawyers. It is imperative that you make sure who will be handling your case if you do not want to be disappointed. The quality of the service must be excellent, but the cost can be quite high.

Lawyer ethics and transparency

As a client, it is necessary to have a healthy and pleasant relationship with your lawyer. In order to receive real service, it is necessary to be able to explain all the ins and outs of your case. You must be comfortable with your lawyer. You should try to get to know your lawyer’s personality so that you can ask him or her any questions that are bothering you.

Sometimes people choose a lawyer they know or who has been recommended to them. This can be a good solution, but sometimes it has a number of drawbacks. You should not let your lawyer’s familiarity prevent you from telling him or her the whole story. In such a case, it is preferable to choose a lawyer whom you do not know, but to whom you can freely expose all your disputes. The relationship between the client and his lawyer is fundamental. A good feeling must be established. For example, choosing a lawyer of the same age as you can be a good solution. If you are young, an older lawyer can be judicious because he will seem more experienced.

When to hire a lawyer?

➤ You want to obtain a visa and/or work permit
➤ You want to register a company in Thailand which corresponds to your needs
➤ You want to proceed to modifications of your company
➤ You have difficulties in the management of your compan
➤ You wish to dismiss an employee
➤ You have contracted a debt
➤ You wish to buy a real estate or a land
➤ You want to optimize your company taxes
➤ You want to optimize your income tax in Thailand
➤ You encounter difficulties with the Thai authorities
➤ You are in the process of divorce
➤ You want to obtain the custody of your children
➤ You adopt a child
➤ You want to write a will for your succession
➤ You need to receive funds from an estate
➤ You need a contract that protects you
➤ You want to negotiate with the other party
➤ You want to avoid litigation
➤ You have suffered a personal injury
➤ You could go to jail
➤ You could lose a lot of money
➤ Your opponent has a lawyer

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