Penalties for non-compliance with PDPA

Penalties for non-compliance with PDPA

PDPA goes into effect in Thailand on June 1, 2022. Non-compliance may result in civil, criminal, and administrative…

Register a copyright in Thailand

How to register a copyright in Thailand?

In order to avoid competing claims of ownership and use of work, copyright owners may apply to register a copyright.

Legal mentions website thailand

How to write legal mentions of your website?

How to write your PDPA website's legal mentions? Inform users in Thailand about the details of your website's data…

register logo thailand

Register a logo for your company in Thailand

Register your company logo in Thailand and internationally to protect from intellectual property infringement.

Protect software thailand

How to protect a software in Thailand?

How to protect software in Thailand? Find out how copyright protects your creations.

Legal assistant thailand

KANJANA W. Legal Assistant

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