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Optimize your recruitment process and hire new employees seamlessly with Themis Partner. Simply choose an employment application form template below to securely collect all the employee information you need, such as contact information, medical history, and emergency contacts. Download our employment application form in English and Thai in editable word format, it allows you to create an employment application form that is perfectly suited for your business. Say goodbye to complicated paperwork. Our employment application form template automate your employee registration process, allowing you to optimize your applicant recruitment and employee information process.

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What is an employment application form?

A job description is a communication tool used to present a description of the different characteristics of a position and its environment:

➤ The title of the position
➤ The position in the organizational chart
➤ The working environment and conditions (e.g., workplace, work pace, organization, etc.)
➤ Access to the position and conditions of employment (e.g. salary, type of contract, etc.)
➤ Description of tasks and activities (frequency and importance)
➤ The difficulties of the position
➤ Relationships with other positions

Why to download our employment application form?

Themis Partner has put together a complete employment application form template at a great price and with just a few clicks. Our forms are downloadable in Word. It is useful for presenting the position internally and externally, particularly in the context of recruitment and forward-looking management of jobs and skills. It facilitates the identification of the candidate’s profile, both internally and externally, and of the training required to occupy the position and evolve within the framework of a career path, if necessary. Competency-based matching and development mechanisms will be optimized.

What information is included in our employment application form?

With our application form, we have added all the information that employers need to know to select your potential candidate, such as:

➤ Employer's personal information
➤ Employee's personal information
➤ Employee's education and experience
➤ Employee's previous employer
➤ Employee's reference
➤ Previous salary package

This information can be directly completed by our questionnaire or deleted by not responding to these requests. Thus, thanks to our recruitment form, you facilitate the selection of candidates by obtaining, before the interview, the candidate’s information. The candidate will also be informed of the nature of the position and the remuneration, which will allow you to avoid interviews with candidates who are not interested or not qualified for the proposed position.

Why to use a job application form for your company?

An employment application form is an essential tool for companies in Thailand in their recruitment process. It is essential to have copies at all times, especially during the recruitment period, and to receive unsolicited applications. The form is usually available in “paper version” within the company. It is an excellent way to make the first meeting with potential employees and to ensure that you have all the information about the candidates to make a better selection.

The visual presentation of the employment application form should be consistent with the company’s brand image. Customize it, add your logo by downloading our employment application form in Word. If you make photocopies, make sure they are of good quality, legible and well framed. One of the main advantages of the application form is that you can customize its content to meet your specific recruitment needs.

How to fill out the employee application forms?

In general, an application form gives a potential employer the first impression of you. As a candidate, you should do everything you can to make your application stand out. In other words, you should prepare yourself by creating an employment application template with all the necessary information and receiving feedback on that information. This way, whether you fill out the application in person or online, you can try to tailor your answers to the position in question and produce an accurate and flawless application.

How do you customize your job application form?

Our employment application is based on the knowledge of the company’s professionals directly related to the position concerned. It can be based on a job analysis, i.e., an in-depth interview and/or actual observation in the field of significant professional situations and the work environment related to the position concerned, depending on the need and the complexity of the position. The resulting analysis allows us to highlight the appropriate profile in terms of prerequisites, skills, and/or competencies required to adapt to the environment and perform the position’s tasks and activities. This work makes it possible to define or design adapted evaluation systems within the framework of a recruitment process to measure and correct any gaps in skills objectively.

With Themis Partner download our employment application to facilitate and optimize your company recruitment process.

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