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You have found the perfect candidate for your company and you want to put them to work as soon as possible. Use our simple and customizable employment offer letter template in English and Thai to recruit employees, Thai or foreign, for your company. Our job offer letter includes the following information: Name of employer and employee, duration of employment terms, employee financial compensation, annual leave, and other benefits specific to your company. The letter should include basic job information including job title, job responsibilities, line responsibility, start date, starting salary, benefits and working conditions.

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What is an employment offer letter?

An employer who selects a candidate at the end of a recruitment process can send him or her an offer by mail or directly by hand. This formality allows the company to encourage the employee to join it, especially when the profile is rare and sought after on the job market. The job offer letter is a document that a Thai employer gives you. It explains the details of your job. In general, a job offer letter is less detailed than an employment contract. This letter includes information about the following:

➤ Employee's salary
➤ The employee's benefits
➤ The employee's position
➤ The serial number of the tax invoice
➤ The employee's probationary period
➤ The length of the employment contract
➤ The employee's duties
➤ Employee's working conditions

Why download our employment offer letter?

With our job offer letter template, you can upload your document in word format and edit it in English and Thai. We have put in our document all the information that a Thai employer needs to send a job offer to a candidate in English and Thai:

Position: Our document specifies the start date, the name of the position, your place of work
Scope of work: In this section, the employer must specify all the employee's missions and tasks
Compensation: Specify your employee's salary, bonus, health insurance, life insurance given by the company, if it exists
Vacations: Specify the number of days of leave to which your employee will be entitled. We remind you that the Thai law provides six days of leave for an employee after one year of practical work

When are job postings used?

In Thailand, employment proposal letters are often used by companies to recruit their candidate. Proposal letters can be used for any job offer, for any position, including small, medium and large companies. In practice, these proposal letters are sent to obtain the employee’s agreement on the essential elements of their employment contract. Once the employee and employer have signed the letter of engagement, the employee will receive an employment contract, including more detailed contractual elements.

A letter of employment is considered an employment contract once both parties have agreed to it. Therefore, if your employer offers to sign an employment contract that is different from the promise to hire you, you can refuse to sign. The promise to hire then becomes the employment contract until an agreement is reached.

Why are job offer letters important?

Job proposal letters are used for the following reasons:

➤ Giving an excellent first impression of your company to the selected candidate
➤ It provides the essential elements of the job offer to ensure that the employee accepts the terms and conditions of the contract and understands the duties and tasks required
➤ This letter increases your chances of obtaining acceptance from the selected employee, allowing you to hire quality employees

How to write an employment offer letter?

The elements that must be included in your offer letter to an employee vary depending on the position and the qualification of the position desired. However, it is essential to consider the following statements that appear in most hiring letters:

➤ Provide the employee's and employer's personal information
➤ List the employee's duties and tasks
➤ Indicate salary and financial compensation, including bonuses, commissions, other benefits
➤ Specify the number of days off
➤ Provide other details if necessary
➤ End the letter with the first and last name of the employee and the company representative
➤ Have the people involved sign

Who can sign a job offer letter?

Those who can sign a letter of employment are generally:

➤ The employee involved in the hiring proposal. It is also helpful if the employee adds a copy of their signed passport and the signature is in blue for compliance
➤ The employer's signatory can be the manager or a legal representative who can sign a job offer letter. The company stamp should be added if requested

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