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Learn more about Eviction Notice

An eviction notice is a legal notice sent by a landlord to a tenant asking them to comply with the terms and conditions of the lease agreement within 3 to 7 days. This eviction notice template is suitable for the following situations: your tenant is not paying rent, your tenant has brought pets into your property without your permission, your tenant has damaged your premises, your tenant has sublet your property without your permission. In general, to avoid eviction proceedings for unpaid rent and utilities, the tenant and landlord should reach an amicable solution. If no solution can be found, the landlord or owner has the right to terminate the contract, resulting in the eviction of the tenant.

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Why send an eviction notice to your tenant?

There are several reasons why you may send a Tenant an eviction notice. Indeed, an eviction notice can be given because a Tenant has violated a clause in the lease agreement. So, here are some examples of reasons to send an eviction notice that are offered in our eviction notice letters:

➤ Your Tenant has not paid the rent
➤ Your tenant has brought their pet into your property without your consent
➤ Your tenant has caused damage to your property
➤ Your tenant has sublet your property without your consent

What if the tenant doesn't pay the rent?

If your tenant does not pay rent, there are several options you can consider depending on the circumstances.

Talk to your tenant

The first thing a landlord should do when they have a problem with their tenants is to talk to them calmly and fairly. If you behave reasonably from the start, you will be in an excellent position to take further action.

Send an email and a written request

Second, if after speaking with your tenant you have no explanation for the non-payment of rent, you should send a written demand to your tenant and demand payment of rent.

Send an eviction notice

Third, if you still have not responded, it is essential to send a notice to your tenant. Our notice is perfectly suited to address the most common tenant requests. As a result, the tenant may pay the rent if your tenant understands that you are prepared to take legal action against them.

Consider taking legal action

Without a positive response from you, we recommend that you contact a lease violation attorney. Contact Themis Partner Lawyer to get in touch with a qualified Thai lawyer.

When can I send an eviction notice to my tenant?

The landlord can send a notice to the tenant when the tenant fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the lease agreement, such as:

➤ Not paying the rent
➤ Late payment
➤ Not paying utilities for the premises
➤ Causing damage to the furniture without notifying the landlord
➤ Subletting the property without the landlord's consent

Can I terminate a lease if my tenant does not comply with the lease agreement?

First of all, the landlord must notify the tenant that he or she must remedy the situation. Only in the event of ignorance is the landlord entitled to terminate the lease. The notice must be sent by registered mail at least to the Tenant’s address.

Can I get financial compensation if the tenant breaches the lease?

Before requesting financial compensation, it is essential to prepare your lease agreement properly. Indeed, a well-prepared and drafted lease agreement will give extensive legal protection to your property and will guarantee the payment of the rent, amidst the demand for punishment of the tenant who does not pay the rent. In conclusion, it is essential to have all the protected clauses in your lease agreement before asking for additional financial compensation in case of breach of contract by the tenant.

Are there other options if my tenant does not pay the rent?

Other decisions that do not involve the legal process, such as changing the locks on the premises or evicting a Tenant or any other act that does not follow the legal process, will now be considered a criminal act of trespass, exposing the Landlord to potential prosecution. Therefore, it is recommended that the legal process be used only by sending a legal notice first.

What to do if my tenant does not respond to my notice?

If your tenant does not respond to your notices, we recommend that you contact an attorney to discuss further legal action against your tenant.

What is the consequence if I don't send a notice?

If you do not send the eviction notice form, you cannot begin evicting the tenant. First of all, make sure that the landlord has strictly followed the proper procedures. This is because if the landlord has not sent any notice, the tenant may challenge the eviction process and the landlord’s claim and force the landlord to start the whole process over again or not win in court.

What are the five most common reasons for evicting a tenant?

Tenants typically receive an eviction notice for these reasons:

Unpaid rent: failure to pay rent on time for several days.

Lease violation: damaged property, always noisy.

End of a month-to-month lease: The landlord wants to end a month-to-month or at-will lease.

Expired Lease: What remains after the lease expires, is cancelled or terminated.

Unwanted roommate: Landlord no longer wants to live with a friend or family member.

Taking legal action against your tenant can be complicated in Thailand, and we recommend that you hire a Thai lawyer. Themis Partner can put you in touch with a real estate lawyer and a lease violation expert.

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