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Foreigners currently operating in Thailand generally need to extend their business visa just before the expiration of the 90-day visa they used to come to the Kingdom. They will need to extend their non-immigrant B visa from 90 days to one year.Nevertheless, there are a few considerations to take into account when you want to extend your stay in Thailand. Today, the same procedure only requires a maximum of 5 days. You will be able to apply for an extension of your business visa if you already hold such a visa for professional or business reasons. However, both the employer and the employee must comply with the regulations to obtain a business visa extension.

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What is a business visa extension?

The business visa extension for a foreigner is a compulsory procedure for all foreigners working in Thailand in order to extend their stay. Thus, a complex administrative request including many documents will have to be given to the immigration officers in order to extend the visa of the concerned employee.

Can you extend your business visa?

You can extend the validity of your non-immigrant B visa up to one year, and you should know that the reason for this business visa extension is your work in the country. The company that employs you must respect certain rules. You can contact us if you want to obtain a work permit in the Kingdom and find out the most effective way to avoid the typical problems that can arise when you want to extend your B visa for non-immigrants.

How long will the business visa be extended?

The business visa extension will be for one year. However, the immigration officer may have the right to:

➤ Not grant the extension if certain documents are missing
➤ Grant less than one year if the work permit provided is for less than one year
➤ Grant a one-year extension of the business visa if all documents are in order

What are the requirements for a business visa extension?

If you wish to apply for a one-year extension of your non-immigrant B visa, you must meet the necessary conditions and minimum wage requirements. You must meet the following requirements:

➤ Depending on your nationality, you must earn the minimum wage mentioned in the labor regulations
➤ You must have a valid work permit
➤ The minimum capital of the company must be equal to 2 million THB
➤ To obtain a work permit, you must respect the ratio of 4 Thais for one foreigner. You must register Thai employees with the social fund system. Three months before your application
➤ You must bring the company's turnover for the previous year, and all employees' salaries must be indicated
➤ You must provide the previous year's profit and loss account of the entity if there is one. An accountant must perform the audit and certify the financial report. A letter of explanation may exempt new businesses from certain requirements
➤ Overall income must be greater than salary
➤ For an individual married to a Thai citizen, the registered capital can only be 1 million baht, and only two Thai employees must contribute to the social security fund

What do I do after I get the visa extension?

It is the employment that justifies the extension of the B non-immigrant visa for the applicant. The company employing the foreigner must strictly adhere to the following rules:

➤ The applicant must hold an appropriate work permit
➤ The applicant must comply with the minimum wage law according to his/her nationality
➤ The company must respect the ratio of 4 Thai employees for 1 foreign employee with a work permit
➤ The company must have a minimum capital of 2 million baht and 1 million baht of net equity

The company must report the previous year’s income to fund the salaries of all foreign employees and must submit a profit and loss statement certified by a qualified accountant. The total income must reflect an amount that exceeds the total amount of salary and benefits received by the employee.

If you have provided all the requirements, the business visa extension process can begin, and it can take up to 30 days to complete all the steps. Please note that all of the above requirements apply to non-BOI companies. This is the standard procedure. This procedure is faster and simpler for companies with BOI status.

The main advantage for the employee when extending his visa is that he will not have to leave the country while working in the Kingdom. He will only have to communicate his address every 90 days to the immigration office.

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