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Learn more about Work Permit Renewal

To keep the worker beyond the duration of the single permit, the employer must apply for the renewal of the fixed-term work permit, which, if accepted and in combination with a favorable decision on residency, gives the right to a new single permit. In fact, in order to conduct business or work in Thailand, a foreign manager or employee must have a work permit. This one is generally of one year duration and must be renewed to remain in Thailand in order to exert its function or to continue an economic activity. The renewal of a work permit in Thailand is a complex procedure where the employer must provide many documents to the labor office. With Themis Partner, our visa agents are at your disposal to assist you in your work permit renewal application in Thailand.

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What is a work permit renewal?

The renewal of a work permit is a mandatory procedure for foreigners working in Thailand. It is done at the Department of Labor Office, and many documents of the employee and the employer must be provided to proceed with the renewal of the work permit.

Why renew a work permit?

The renewal of a work permit is essential for a foreigner to work in Thailand and to stay there. Indeed, if the work permit is not renewed in Thailand, the foreigner will have his visa automatically cancelled at the same time as his work permit, considering that the visa and the work permit are linked. Once you have your work permit, you must renew it before it expires. You will need to provide the same documents to apply for a work permit. You must also bring the tax certificate (PND 91) to show that you have paid your taxes regularly in the kingdom. And you must consult a doctor and obtain a medical certificate to show that you are in good health.

What documents do I need to renew my work permit?

The documents required for reconsideration of your work permit are listed below:

➤ Your passport with a copy of the cover page, the visa page and the stamp of your last entry
➤ Your work permit
➤ A photograph (3.4 cm)
➤ A medical certificate dated within six months, proving that the applicant does not suffer from any mental illness or insanity, alcoholism, drug addiction, leprosy, tuberculosis, elephantiasis and syphilis
➤ A copy of the most recent annual audit
➤ A copy of the PND 91 form
➤ A 6 month old copy of the company's affidavit with the list of shareholders
➤ A copy of PorPor.30 forms for the past three months
➤ A copy of the social security fund for the last three months
➤ A copy of the PND1 for the last three months
➤ Company stamps
➤ Company cards
➤ License (if applicable)
➤ Proof of your qualifications
➤ Resume

You must renew your work permit before the expiration date. If you provide all the documents, the procedure can be done in one day. But you should prepare all the necessary documents to avoid wasting time. You must contact the Revenue Department in Thailand to obtain a tax certificate. You will first have to go to the Ministry of Labor to renew your work permit. Then you must go to the immigration office, which will grant you a one-year visa extension.

Renew a Work Permit

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