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Learn more about Visa on Arrival

Visa on Arrival allows passport holders from 19 different countries to enter Thailand under this provision, provided they meet these conditions: Passport holders from 19 selected countries and territories can apply for a tourist visa at immigration checkpoints for up to 15 days. This is the case when a visa is issued to a person who does not meet the visa waiver requirements. This person applies for a visa exemption at international airports and border checkpoints in Thailand. However, it is essential to note that selecting the “business” category from the list does not mean that it will be a business visa. Such a business visa is required to obtain a work permit. Persons arriving in Thailand on a visa waiver or visa exemption cannot obtain a work permit.

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What is the visa on arrival?

Visa on arrival is a visa exemption granted by Thailand to certain nationalities. Thus, some foreigners are not required to have a visa before coming to Thailand. Therefore, all nationals eligible for visa exemption will automatically have a visa of less than 30 days. The immigration officer will stamp the passport upon arrival, and the person will be allowed to stay in Thailand for 15 or 30 days. The visa waiver is a free procedure.

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What are the requirements for a visa on arrival?

➤ The visa upon arrival must be used only on the day of its issuance
➤ Passport (original and a photocopy of the passport). The passport must be valid for at least six months after the departure date
➤ Your departure card (TM6) completed and signed

The immigration officer may request other information such as the return flight ticket and proof of funds of more than THB 35000.

What is the process to apply for a this visa?

Before your departure, make sure you have all the documents with you and the proofs to provide to the immigration officer upon request. Please note that you can submit your application online prior to your departure if l submit your application at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Upon arrival in Thailand, you will need to complete the visa exemption form TM.88 and gather all documents and evidence to present to the immigration officer upon request. Then, between 30 minutes and 1 hour, you will have to provide all the requested documents. You will meet with the immigration officer. Please note that the process is quick once you arrive at the immigration checkpoint.

What can I do with a visa on arrival in Thailand?

This visa gives you the right to stay in Thailand for tourism purposes only. The visa exemption does not show you the freedom to conduct business or work in Thailand. If you need a visa for business purposes, we recommend contacting a visa lawyer before applying for a visa.

Can I extend this visa?

Yes. If you have a standard 14 or 30 day visa (the one you got when you arrived by land or air in Thailand), you can extend your visa for up to 30 days. This costs 1900 baht.

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