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In most cases, a domain name application ending in .co.th must be for a Thai company or association established and registered with the Department of Business Development (“DBD”) of the Ministry of Commerce. Your Internet mailing address is the equivalent of an Internet address or domain name. It is how you find your contacts and customers on the web. Creating a domain name is essential when building your website. TH stands for Thailand’s official extension or Internet country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). The server is managed by THNIC. In addition to being registered, registrants must also send legal documents to prove that their business is legitimate. This is why many Thailand-based businesses have chosen to use generic domains such as .com

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Why register .co.th domain name?

Thailand is classified by the World Bank as an upper-middle income economy, with domestic revenues coming mainly from the export sector. With its well-developed infrastructure, new internet networks and adequate communication facilities, many foreign investors are interested in opening new businesses. The government has also introduced liberal foreign investment laws, making Thailand an ideal country to start a new business or expand your brand.

Try buying a .co.th domain name before expanding your brand in Thailand. Here are some reasons why businesses should do so:

➤ This is a reliable way to showcase your business name in the Thailand online market. If you want to expand your business in this area, you should use their country code extension so that users can find your website and recognize it
➤ This will increase the level of consumer satisfaction. The .co.th extension is widely used in Thailand, and websites that use this domain suffix are considered locally owned. Thai buyers tend to buy from these types of sites because they trust them
➤ There are already thousands of Premium English keywords available for registration. Suppose the keyword you need is already registered in .com, consider buying it using .co.th
➤ This will give the search engines an organic boost to your website. Since Google determines search results based on users' IP addresses, your page will rank higher for all local searches
➤ They bring organic traffic to the site. Consumers searching for local businesses in Thailand can find your web page quickly. Search engines will choose your site because they will mark it as a regional site

What is the procedure to register .co.th domain name?

If you want to start a business in Thailand and tap into the local market, the .co.th domain name is a very useful and almost mandatory resource that foreign companies often use to represent their business in Thailand.

Your company’s localized website and domain in Thailand will provide valuable information about your products and services and increase your exposure through an online presence. It will also score high in local Thai search engine results.

Your business will show dedication to local customers with a .co.th domain name and a focus on the local Thai market. Moreover, it is easily accessible from all over the world.

What documents are required to register .co.th?

➤ Company or association certificate of incorporation and affidavit issued by the DBD (must not be more than six months old)
➤ VAT certificate (PP 20) or VAT registration documents (PP 01) in the event of not receiving the Certificate
➤ Monthly VAT filings (PP 30) for the last three months and amendments to VAT registration (PP 09), if any
➤ A signed attorney's office (signed from abroad, should be notarized)
➤ A certificate evidencing the foreign business license (TTK 0506) for an international company registered in Thailand
➤ Copy of the authorized director(s) in passport

The power of attorney must be on the official letterhead of the applicant corporation. The name of the person signing the proxy must appear as a fully approved signatory on the certificate of incorporation. If there is no name on the certificate, the company president, CEO, CFO, vice president, director or manager must be the signatory. Please ensure that the title of the company is indicated on the Power of Attorney.

Who can register .co.th domain name?

The basic rule is that domain names can only be held by companies or legal entities with a local presence in Thailand under the .co.th extension. The domain name can be derived from the client’s name or exactly match a Thai brand (abbreviations and expansions are not allowed). Only one domain is allowed per company or brand.

What is the restriction of .co.th?

Domain names must not be profane, unethical or offensive. Due diligence is performed for each new application.

Other categories of prohibited domain names include:

➤ Words associated with the Majesty, the Royal Family or any place related to the King, the Royal Family or the Royalties
➤ Words that could damage the reputation of any person or organization – words that denote a country, state, province, city or public space
➤ The language that is contrary to Thai morality
➤ Language of prohibited domain names

Can I transfer .co.th domain name?

The transfer is only possible for domain names of the same owner contact. If you need help with the transfer of your domain name portfolio, please contact our sales department.

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