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You may need to authorize the change of company name at a shareholders‘ meeting. The seal used to bind the corporation by the signature of the director will need to be changed along with the corporation’s name to match the new name of the corporation. You may need to apply for a name reservation in the same manner as when the corporation was originally formed. Registration of the change in the name of the corporation must be made with the Department of Commerce (DBD) within 14 days of the date the change is approved by the shareholders. A new certificate of incorporation, bearing the new name of the company, will be issued. The corporation will continue to operate as the same legal entity, but the new official corporate name must be used.

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How to change company name in Thailand?

If you wish to change the name of your company, you will find below the different steps to proceed to this modification:

➤ Book a corporate name and order a new business seal
➤ Publish in a local newspaper a notice requesting a shareholder meeting. The notification must be sent to all shareholders by registered mail
➤ After the conference, it is officially agreed to change the name of the company. The move will be further recorded in government forms that will be reported with DBD from the date of the meeting, usually in two weeks

If you need to take advantage of the shareholder meeting documents, please note that we provide the shareholder meeting to change the name of your company for free. Please visit our page about minutes of the meeting.

What documents do you need to change the name?

Below are some of the business name change criteria generally:

➤ Print of director's passport
➤ Procuratorial powers
➤ Print of director's ID card
➤ Undertaking affidavit
➤ Copy of director's house registration
➤ VAT registration shift form
➤ Certified VAT
➤ Updated company documents

What can Themis Partner do for you?

It is a long and complicated process when it comes to changing the name of the company. Themis Partner‘s lawyers have been chosen to ensure that the entire process is simplified for you. We strive to give you peace of mind while our experts do all the hard work.

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