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Any foreign national can obtain a long term visa by being married to a Thai woman or by having a family of Thai nationality. There are different types of visas for foreigners wishing to stay in Thailand. Depending on your needs and status, you should apply for the right category of visa. If you are married to a Thai national, you are entitled to a marriage visa. Officially called the O non-immigrant marriage visa, it is for any foreign national legally married to a Thai national. This visa allows you to stay in Thailand for one year, renewable every year in Thailand, provided that you are still married and that you meet all the criteria of the visa. Obtaining a marriage visa does not allow you to work in Thailand. However, it is still possible to apply for a work permit.

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What is a Thai marriage visa?

The Thai marriage visa is aptly named. It allows any person legally married to a Thai national and meeting certain financial and administrative conditions to obtain a visa to stay legally in Thailand. This Thai visa allows you to stay in Thailand for one year, renewable every year. This visa offers its holder several advantages, including the authorization to stay for one year with the possibility of multiple entries in the country during this period and annual renewals without obligation to leave the country. The visa holder can apply for a work permit. The visa holder can also open a savings account in a Thai bank. This type of visa is also a real advantage for the employer who does not have to worry about applying for a visa but only about obtaining a work permit for his employee.

What is the procedure for applying?

A Thai marriage visa can be applied for at a Royal Consulate or Thai Embassy outside Thailand or at an immigration office in Thailand. The procedure differs depending on where the application is made. Simply being married and registering your marriage does not necessarily result in a visa. It is necessary to make a specific request. It should be noted that there is no direct application for this type of visa when the application is made outside Thailand. It is necessary in this case to first obtain a 90-day or one-year non-immigrant O visa and to convert it into a marriage visa at the immigration office in Thailand one month before the visa expires.

What are the documents required?

To apply for this type of visa, you must already be married to a Thai national. To prove this and meet Thai immigration requirements, you will need to provide the following documents:

➤ A recognized marriage certificate. You may also be required to present a certificate of freedom to marry issued by a Thai embassy or consulate in your home country
➤ Proof that you have at least 400,000 baht in a Thai bank account in your name for at least two months prior to your application or that you have a monthly income or pension of at least 40,000 baht per month

To prove the amount of money you have in your Thai bank account, you will need to provide your current bankbook and a certificate from your bank indicating the amount of funds transferred to your Thai bank for at least two months prior to your visa application. A copy of your passport, your spouse’s passport and passport photos are also required. Depending on the location of the embassy, a copy of your criminal record and a medical certificate may also be required.

How do I apply for a marriage visa?

The marriage Thai visa can be applied for at a Royal Consulate or Thai Embassy outside Thailand. It should be noted that there is no direct application for this visa. In this case, you must first apply for a 90-day or one-year O non-immigrant visa at the Thai embassy outside Thailand. Once in Thailand, you must go to the immigration office and activate the O non-immigrant marriage visa within 30 days before the 90-day visa expires. Therefore, it is necessary to go to the immigration office two months after entry to convert your O non-immigrant visa to a marriage visa. The processing period can take about a month before the visa is issued.

If you are already in Thailand, it is possible to apply directly to the immigration office, provided you meet the eligibility requirements. For example, a foreigner with a visa exemption stamp or a tourist visa can apply for a marriage visa provided the marriage has been registered and the financial requirements are met.

How long does a marriage visa last?

The holder of a marriage Thai visa is allowed to stay in Thailand for one year without leaving the country. Access is renewable every year, and the renewal procedure can be done in Thailand or at a Royal Thai Embassy outside Thailand.

How do I renew my marriage visa?

The marriage Thai visa is valid for one year and can be renewed under the same conditions as the initial application. Please note that the required amount in your bank account must be present for at least three months before you can renew your visa. The application can be made from inside and outside Thailand. There is no obligation to leave the country to renew your passport. The application can be made at the immigration office.

What happens in case of divorce?

Divorce terminates the validity of the non-immigrant O marriage visa, and the invalid visa holder is required to leave Thailand immediately after the divorce. In some cases, he or she may be allowed to stay in Thailand until the visa expires, subject to acceptance by the Thai immigration office.

Is it possible to have multiple entries?

The marriage Thai visa can be issued with multiple entries or a single entry. If the visa is issued with a single entry and you plan to leave Thailand, you will need to obtain a re-entry permit to avoid losing your visa upon departure. This permit can be obtained at a Thai immigration office or at an international airport. The fee is 1,000 baht for a single entry and 3,800 baht for a multiple entry permit.

Do you have to file your 90-day declaration?

Non-immigrant O marriage visa holders must report their current address to a Thai immigration office every 90 days. This reporting requirement is done either in person at a Thai immigration office, by mail, or through an agent who has power of lawyer to report your status. However, if you are not in Thailand on the 90-day declaration date, you do not need to do this. The 90-day declaration will resume from the first day you return to Thailand.

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